The CMS is able to access property data from your software via an API provided by your software company. The API is a middle man, or connector layer, that controls the data that can be access from your software. Depending on your software and the access level we have been granted through its API, this might include reservation and guest data as well.


Every hour, a sync application runs on our servers that connects to your software via its API and updates the CMS database with the latest data from your software. Within the CMS, you can control which type of data is synced from the Settings page, including property names, descriptions, rates, etc. Since updating each data field for all properties can hinder server performance, various data sync categories are scheduled as follows:


  • Property availability, basic data (names, bedrooms, etc.) and reservations are updated every hour.
  • All of the above plus property features/amenities are updated every 24 hours.
  • All of the above plus property rates and reviews are updated every 48 hours.
  • New properties found in your software will be downloaded every hour.


If an immediate data sync is required, it can be manually performed on an individual unit basis via the Properties > Rentals tab in the CMS. On occasion, data is not properly synced from your software to the CMS. When an error in synchronization occurs, its logged and reported to you in the Sync Errors section on the Software page of the CMS.