Now that you have your beta website, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The beta website is hosted on a local server, so it will run slower than a live website.
  • The connection to your software is a "soft" connection - so data like booked days or recent software updates may not be shown until we go live. 
  • The beta is set for a desktop environment. Mobile formatting will be adjusted when we go live.

To test the booking flow:

Go through the process of booking a unit as a user would.  When you reach the reservations page add “&testmode=true”  to the end of the URL. 

So it should look like this:

Now refresh the page.

This will enter "dummy" data for the reservation so that no actual credit card is charged and this allows you to see what your confirmation page looks like. 

The confirmation page content can be adjusted within our CMS under Webpages then Webparts. Then sort the Webparts by their category. The web part "Reservation confirmation" with the category of "Reservations" is what your looking for 

Here is a direct link: