Industry best practices and what potential guests are accustomed to are constantly changing. Perhaps software changes or a shift in your website’s goals require changes to be made to your website's front-end interface. There are two routes Scurto Marketing offers to help facilitate your needs:


Option A: DIY

  • Some companies have the in-house capabilities to provide us with detailed layouts on what is desired or perhaps, the change is minor in nature. These requests are simply detailed in an email and turned in via our support portal as tickets and charged hourly. Simply email
  • The risk with this is due to responsive design and a complex thread of integration abilities, industry best practices, and formatting it is difficult to provide a 1- dimensional suggested layout for something that is, in reality, 3-dimensional. Without all the details figured out beforehand, it may take a lot of back and forth to reach a happy medium on what is desired. Not to mention it's difficult to provide a realistic timeline when everything isn't planned out. 



Option B: Assisted 

  • Scurto Marketing can provide consultation to ensure the changes you would like to make to your website not only look good but are functional and will help achieve the goal you have in mind. Through a discovery process, we will gather your requirements and then present a possible solution. Once approved these are scheduled into our support portal as a feature request.


Support issues or problems take precedence over feature requests and feature requests turned in are performed in the order they are received.


Tip #1: Do you plan on always updating your website experience for the better? Purchase a monthly support block of time (at a discount) which includes free consultation, so we always have time for ongoing feature requests set aside for you.


Tip #2: November through March are our busiest development times. Get your requests in during summer to be sure we can achieve your goals before the next booking season.