We offer 3 types of specials in your CMS. No matter which type you select you will still need to create the special in your software so that a booking will go through and the software can "accept" the discount. More on that here.

Or if you use Escapia here is their support article here

  • Standard: while you still will need to create a special in your software that includes at least the promo code and discount $ or %, a standard special utilizes fields in our CMS to determine applicable units, restrictions, and the actual discount. Here are the common fields for setting up a special. Bold fields are required
    • Promo Code: We use this filed to connect the discount with your software - so make sure it matches the promo code in the software. 
    • Discount: Enter a dollar amount or a percentage here.
    • Min/Max Nights: Determines the minimum and maximum nights a guest can book using this promo code. An error code will display when they try to book outside of those restrictions.    
      • Tip: You can make the promo "CALLIN" and Discount amount 0$ forcing a user to call in to receive the discount. 
    • Title: This is the page title 
    • Website URL: can be used if your doing a "zero dollar " or value-added special where a user needs to purchase a ticket or other items outside of your website. This is not recommended as it sends the user away from your website. 
    • Start /End Date and time: This is when the special will appear and disappear from your website. 
    • Position: If you have multiple specials this will set the position this particular special will be.
    • Hidden: Checking this box allows the special to not appear on your website under traditional navigation but the link provided when you save it is still operational. This allows you to create "Email club only" or hidden group discounts.
    • HTML: This is the content of the special. Describe your special and any restrictions. 
  • Software: This type of special utilizes your software to calculate the discount and min/max nights instead of entering it in the CMS. Other fields like start/end, applicable stay dates and applicable units still need to be set in our CMS.
  • Auto Special: This special automatically adds properties that meet the requirements of the special. It has unique fields to do this like:
    • Min/Max Gap: This fields will add applicable properties that have a gap of at least the min but not to exceed the max. 
    • Day Buffer: this further restricts the applicable properties by only allowing applicable properties that meet the min-max fields above AND how many days out you set this field as. 

           For example, you may be willing to do 30% off properties that are 5 days out and still have a 3-5 night gap.

Few More Steps for all specials

  1. Save your special
  2. Go back to the listing of all specials. You should now see your special on the list. Click on the title of the special. This should take you to the "Preview page" where many of the fields are not editable. 
  3. Here you can add an image or video to your special webpage. This is also where you can determine the applicable stay dates for your special. You can set multiple date ranges which in effect can create "blackout" dates for your specials. 

That's it you're done! Every software setting is a bit different so we recommend testing these out and working with support@scurto.com with any issues.