From time to time it's good to show new and updated content on our websites. It's good for our returning customers and new ones as well, along with it being good for search engines.

Below is a step by step guided process on how you can add new hero images on your homepage.

Before getting started it's good to note that Scurto Marketing requests that your hero and landing page images be 1920x1080(16:9 ratio) or 1920x1200(16:10 ratio) in order to show a full image. If they're smaller than this there will be a lot of whitespace along with the image being grainy and or pixelated. 

You can add bigger images if the ratio is correct, the only issue is that bigger images usually mean bigger size files, which ultimately means a slower loading site, and that's not good.

If you have any further questions or are running into issues while following these steps please email or just create a new support ticket.

Navigate to your CMS and login. You'll find navigation on the left hand side.

1. Click on 'Content'.

2. Click on 'Web Pages'.

3. Click on 'Web Parts' in the top tab section.

4. Click on the green + icon and a dropdown will appear.

5. At the bottom of the dropdown click on 'Web Part' in order to create a new web part.

6. Give a title to your slide.

7. IMPORTANT Be sure to add the category 'Homepage Slide' since this is what will trigger the slide to show in the hero of your site.

8. IMPORTANT - you can also decide where you want the slide to go by adding a number to the 'Position' input.

9. Click on 'Save'.

After clicking on the Save button you will be brought back to the 'Web Parts' list in the CMS.

Notice the position number of your slides (red box).

10. Navigate to the Web Part that you just created and click on the title.

11. You will now see a 'Photos' section in your web part. click on 'Choose File' in order to upload an image.

12. Find the image on your computer.

13. Click on the 'Open' to add the image to your Web Part.

You can choose to add a caption and alt text. If you choose not to add a caption that is ok but we highly recommend adding an alt text in order for your images to be ADA compliant.

14. Click on the green + plus icon to add the image.

Finally you should see your image loaded in your Web Part page and also in the hero section of your website.

And you should be able to now see your new image in the hero section of your website.