Users can now delete Features from Rentals by using the new Red Sync button in Rental > Units > List.

Here is how.

  1. First locate the Rental > Units > List section in the CMS
  2. Set filters to find the appropriate Rental
  3. Optional: Click in the Rental to confirm that the Feature that you removed or marked No in your software is still present then go back to the page in the step 1.
  4. Use the appropriate checkbox to select the Rental [*].
  5. Use the Red Sync button to
    1. Delete the Features for the selected Rentals and 
    2. Synchronize the selected Rentals with the Software afterwards
  6. Optional. You can click in the link of the rental to verify that the Feature that you changed in your software is no longer present.

[*] The user can select multiple Rentals but if many and are marked and the process stops for any reason Features could be missing from one ore more Rental.