Before we can download/synchronize your rental property into our CMS, it must be activated or distributed to us through your property management software (PMS). Often times when there is a problem with property data syncing, it's because a particular property has been deactivated at the PMS level.

The following guide will help you activate and/or distribute properties to Scurto Marketing from your PMS. Once these steps are complete, your property will automatically be downloaded or synced at the next automated sync cycle.

V12/Property Plus Users

  1. Login to WebLink Admin (
  2. Click Web Company Management 
  3. Select Scurto Marketing and click the Show button to display your properties
  4. Check each property you want to activate to us and click Save Changes to apply

If you prefer to have all properties automatically activated to us, click the Main Menu then the Partner Configuration link. From there, check the Automatically Activate Properties check box and then the Submit button to save your changes. Now all of your properties will be distributed to Scurto Marketing without having to do anything.


If you are experiencing problems with new properties downloading into the CMS, even after following these activation instructions, check the Misc > Synchronization report in the CMS. Any errors in data synchronization are reported here. For instance, in some cases a property address is missing, which leads to the CMS being unable to process that property.

Another helpful tool in the CMS is called the Rentals > Software Status report. This page shows a list of all CMS rental properties and their activation status in the CMS and PMS.

If you're still having trouble even after following these steps, at times there is a deeper issue within your PMS that must be solved by your software company.