The CMS support multiple software data feeds from multiple supported APIs, including HomeAway's WebLink and EscapiaNET, Rental Network Software (RNS) and Barefoot. Adding your software data feed to the CMS is a simple process, but keep in mind any changes to this data could adversely affect your website, data and ability to book online.

How to add a new software data feed:

  1. Login to your CMS
  2. Expand the Settings tab on the left and click on the Software tab
  3. Click on the Create New icon (green button)
  4. Select the Software type and enter the required connection data (different software types require different credentials)
    Example: WebLink requires a Code, Username, Password, Client ID and API Key, while Escapia does not require a Code.
  5. Click the Save button to commit your changes

Advanced (optional):

Once your new software data feed is added, you can assign software features to the CMS.

  1. Go back to Settings > Software
  2. Click on the name of the newly created software data feed
  3. Expand the Software Features section
  4. Create CMS features and assign to software feature codes

Downloading property data:

Now that your new software data feed is added, you can either wait for the automated synchronization process to download property data (this happens once per hour) or you can manually download property data. To manually download follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Rentals > Units tab
  2. Select your new software data feed from the Software drop-down list
  3. Without checking any properties, click the Sync Data icon (black recycle-style icon)
  4. Wait for synchronization (depending on the number of properties, this could take a few seconds to several minutes)

Once complete, you should have a new software data feed added to the system and property data downloaded. This property data will immediately be available on your public website(s).