Platform Status

The status of our platform, including API connectivity status with software partners, server maintenance, downtime, etc.

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Prior to planned maintenance, Escapia made an IP address change to their domain. That change was not picked up by many Internet Service Provider (ISP) Domain Name Systems (DNS), causing outages in connectivity to the Escapia API and other Escapia services. These services facilitate such features as online booking, stay quotes and software syncing.

While Escapia addresses the DNS issues on their end, we have manually adjusted the IP address target of the domain so that Escapia API services can resume. We applied this patch at 9AM CST, at which point API connectivity was back online.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely throughout the day, especially as Escapia runs their planned maintenance.

Link to Escapia update: 

Escapia API is Down

Starting this morning around 9AM CST the Escapia API platform is down. They are aware and presumed to be working on it. Here is a link to their status: